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Our Main Services

Our core services help businesses enjoy a winning IT strategy that empowers them with a competitive advantage. You can rely on our experts for quality, reliable services.

IT Consulting

As a leading IT consulting firm, we deliver exceptional IT consultancy to businesses of all sizes. With us as your IT partner, you will have access to the highly effective IT strategies and innovative solutions that will help your business grow. Our consulting services include:

  • IT assessments

    Complete audits that help you have a better understanding of your IT environment and support the realisation of your key business goals and objectives.

  • IT strategy and planning

    Our experts will work with you and your internal IT team to come up with the right IT strategy that makes certain that your technology decisions can meet the needs of your business.

  • Governance, risk, and compliance

    Our teams will assess, plan, and ideate strategies for ensuring enhanced compliance throughout the organisation and ensure that your IT is aligned with your organisational strategy and infrastructure.

We deliver custom IT consultancy services that cover various business technology strategies.

Software Development

Our custom software development services here at Nested IT Services are designed to handle your software needs by building brand-new solutions from start to finish. Our solutions will fit your needs and operating environment to ensure the smooth running of your business.

Our time-tested teams use expert processes and include our clients throughout the development process in order to ensure the delivery of a solution that is in line with expectations. Our solutions will not only meet your business’ ever-evolving needs but also integrate seamlessly with your existing operating framework in order to guarantee complication-free performance! The software services we offer include:

  • Analysis and planning

    Our experts will meet with you and determine your software needs in order to inform tailored development processes.

  • Consulting, strategy, and prototyping

    After planning, our experts will come up with a prototype so that you can experience how the software will look, feel and perform.

  • Engineering and development

    We will write code, carry out trials, look for errors and swiftly fix them to ensure that the software is working as it should.

  • Automated QA and testing

    We will test the software and ensure functionality before launching it.

  • Maintenance and post-warranty support

    Since software development is a continuous process, we will also offer maintenance and support services, including regular updates. We will ensure that our solutions run smoothly and constantly meet your expectations.

Infrastructure Support

We offer IT infrastructure support services that are tailored according to our clients’ needs. Our support services include solutions to help a business overcome errors or complications in their infrastructure and also routine services to address the daily needs of a business.

We troubleshoot software and hardware to ensure they can support a business' operations. Our ultimate goal is to guarantee that our clients have an IT performance they can lean on, even as it grows in scale and complexity.

Our remote services include regular security checks and day-to-day maintenance of the systems and technologies that your business leans on. We offer:

  • Regular system monitoring
  • Data backup services
  • Remote desktop management
  • Software audits and monitoring
  • IT infrastructure maintenance
  • Comprehensive system reports

We work with all businesses and use cutting-edge technology solutions to make sure that your network and infrastructure is safe and performing up to expectations. Our experts will locate and fix any issues in your IT infrastructure before it affects your operations.

We focus on providing you with complete peace of mind, allow you to remain focused on running your business and building your brand, and give you a competitive advantage.

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